In 2005 Eurosyn began to establish their logistics to compliment their core sales business. Thanks to the merger with the company Quorum Srl in 2012, Eurosyn is now able to directly manage their entire logistics process at their site in Capralba.
The facility covers a total surface of 14.718 m2 .2, which includes 7.340 m2 of floor area.

We are able to provide:

  • 3000 pallet spaces (drums, IBC and bags), with dedicated areas depending on the product classification
  • Tank farm (29 tanks of 35 m3 each for liquids in bulk)
  • Covered loading zone
  • 2 semi-automatic filling stations
  • Additional services: application lab, thermal power station, forklift track charger room, offices

Our logistics center in Capralba complies with the DLgs 105/2015 regulation (formerly Seveso Regulation) and is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

Eurosyn is a distributor of specialty chemicals and provides added value services related to sales. Our Company is fortunate to work in close partnership with major chemical producers worldwide. Eurosyn is focused on the Italian market and is run, since its foundation in 1983, by the Campana family. Our business is split into business unit care and business unit quorum. We are active in the cosmetics, cleaners & detergents, formulators and the I.P.C. & composites market. Our logistics facility has spaces to store drums, IBC and bags with dedicated areas depending on the product classification. Additionally, we have a labatory to for application and testing.